60 Acres has an immediate and urgent need to improve our irrigation system. This will result in significant improvement of the quality and playability of the fields.

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60 Acres

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Friends of 60 Acres

"Friends of 60 Acres" was developed by the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association (LWYSA) to raise funds for the maintenance and improvement of 60 Acres. Through an agreement with King County, LWYSA (Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association) bears the costs for all construction, upgrades and maintenance of 60 Acres, saving taxpayers nearly $500,000 per year.

If you've never been to 60Acres, it's a beautiful King County Park located in the Sammamish River Valley on the north side of Redmond. It is situated on 94 total acres, including 60 acres of premium athletic fields. It is the largest soccer complex west of the Mississippi.

In addition, 60 Acres proudly hosts a variety of passive uses including model airplane flying, rocketry and Frisbee to name a few. Accompanying these fields is paved and gravel parking lots, restrooms, and a covered picnic area. 60 Acres is situated next to the Sammamish River Trail (a popular hiking and biking destination) which connects the Eastside's and Seattle's many popular recreational, dining and lodging facilities.

Parks are a place for many different activities, but they all have one thing in common: they require upkeep of equipment, facilities and of the landscape. Currently, our most important need is to improve the irrigation system. This will allow us to grow thicker, more resilient grass, which provides a safer surface for the park users.

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